Orchard Lane

Orchard Lane

Large projects

Large open spaces in Wimbledon.

The house had been empty for a long time when our clients found their new dream home which needed bringing back to life. High on the wish list were a new kitchen and a lovely garden but the new kitchen would block access to the rear garden.

Landscape Designer: St Leonards Landscapes

Construction and Project Management: St Leonards Landscapes

The solution was to build the garden in two stages. We cleared and re-built most of the garden before the builders arrived, leaving just the terrace.

Security screens kept the builders off the new lawn, and when their work had finished we returned and completed the garden.

This is a garden of contrasts. Crisp paving and neatly cut lawns frame the house and beyond the lawn we created a gardener’s heaven. Behind a paddle-stone wall, raised and ground level planting beds and a greenhouse provide the perfect place for growing.

The planting scheme is wild and natural, attracting wildlife into the garden.

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