Bennett Road

Bennett Road

Small projects

Exoticism in the east.

Our clients love Thailand so in Kemp Town, at the eastern end of Brighton we created a Thai ‘jewel garden’ to remind them of the tropics. They even brought their very own Buddha to oversee the scheme.

Landscape Designer: St Leonards Landscapes

Construction and Project Management: St Leonards Landscapes

Our clients wanted a warm, inviting space so decking was top of their list but wooden decking doesn’t last well near the sea. We used Accoya for the deck which is a low maintenance modified timber that withstands any climate. It’s resistant against cracks and splinters and comes with a 25 year guarantee.

The carefully chosen dense planting scheme is the keynote of the garden. Tall pleached trees along the rear boundary afford privacy, and the mix of Palms, ferns, Acers and grasses create a mini rain forest. Garden lighting and irrigation complete the scheme.

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